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  • Author (s): Pourandokht Niroumand, Ali Ghavami, Nasim Eshghi
  • Date of Publication: Feb. 2016
  • Place of Presentation: Shahid Beheshti University (3rd International Conference on Applied Research in Management and Accounting)
  • Language: Persian
  • Keywords: Technological Entrepreneurship, eCommerce, Knowledge-Based Economy, Innovation and Creativity, SME
  • Abstract: The pace of change in science and technology is so high that uncertainty is one of the most prominent features of our environment. The main basis for such changes is technology and technology creators are entrepreneurs. In Iran, technology entrepreneurs are often acknowledged to be key to the development of technology and economics, but so far have not been in the closet. This paper examines the role of e-commerce in technological entrepreneurship and job creation. This article refers to the common volume of communication with each other and the exchange of information about services, products and money. This article deals with the close relationship between e-commerce and entrepreneurship, referring to the volume of e-commerce and its pace of expansion worldwide.
My Name is Ali Ghavami. I'm PhD Techno-Entrepreneurship and MSc statistics. My career is University Lecturer, Business Consultant and Market Analyst. In this page, I'm going to share with you, my useful application contents which are the result of my many years experiences and knowledge in launching startups and consulting to over 30.000 entrepreneurs and companies in Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Canada, UK, Australia and also membership in "American Marketing Association", "Iranian eCommerce Association", "Iran Specialists Association", and "Iranian Statistical Society".

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