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  • Author (s): Fatemeh Eshghi, Ali Ghavami
  • Date of Publication: Mar. 2016
  • Place of Presentation: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Second International Conference and Third National Conference on Application of New Technologies in Engineering Sciences)
  • Language: Persian
  • Keywords: eBusiness, Competitive Intelligence, Business Intelligence, High-Tech Company, Competitive Advantage
  • Abstract: eBusiness as a place of communication between IT and business market has provided a permanent market for many businesses in this field. On the other hand, with the advent of the present, the sciences and technologies are making tremendous progress and the e-business companies are becoming more complex and difficult to control as the needs and challenges arise. Huge volumes of information and data may seem useful to organizations, but they will not be useful without analysis and processing. This sense will be important when we recognize that in any leading company, in addition to the enormous and creative human resource, intelligent technologies also play an important role in the process of corporate performance, so that intelligent systems are essential for the processing of large data. Arrives. Business Intelligence tools allow decision makers in any category of company to easily access that information anywhere, anytime, and better understand and analyze it. This paper deals with the close relationship between e-commerce and entrepreneurship, referring to the volume of e-commerce and the speed of its expansion in the world, and then discusses the positive effects that business intelligence (BI) has on major and major decisions of e-commerce companies. , Has been mentioned, and has mainly focused on the notable issues in business intelligence architecture and its benefits, along with the way it is dealt with and the type of implementation. It also emphasizes the creation of competitive advantage by expressing the concepts of business intelligence and the tools used.
My Name is Ali Ghavami. I'm PhD Techno-Entrepreneurship and MSc statistics. My career is University Lecturer, Business Consultant and Market Analyst. In this page, I'm going to share with you, my useful application contents which are the result of my many years experiences and knowledge in launching startups and consulting to over 30.000 entrepreneurs and companies in Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Canada, UK, Australia and also membership in "American Marketing Association", "Iranian eCommerce Association", "Iran Specialists Association", and "Iranian Statistical Society".

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