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  • Author (s): Fatemeh Eshghi, Ali Ghavami
  • Date of Publication: Mar. 2015
  • Place of Presentation: Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (Second International Conference and Third National Conference on Application of New Technologies in Engineering Sciences)
  • Language: Persian
  • Keywords: e-Learning, Mobile Service, Cloud Computing, Smart Education, Expert System
  • Abstract: With the rapid growth of cloud computing today, many industries are shifting their computing activities to cloud computing; cloud computing has become an attractive technology due to dynamic scalability and efficient use of resources. E-learning represents the application of new information and communication technologies to improve the quality of education and learning by providing facilities for easy access to educational resources and services. Many educational institutions do not have the resources and infrastructure to implement learning solutions. E-learning platforms require high initial costs in infrastructure and applications. Cloud adoption can significantly help reduce infrastructure, software and human resources costs. Therefore, in this paper, Aneka is first used to support public cloud providers and as a framework for building custom applications for e-learning environments and deploying them on public or private clouds. As researchers in the field of e-learning are also looking to take advantage of the cloud with mobile platforms. The purpose of this study is to provide a model for the consensus of the benefits of “smart education” and “cloud computing” technologies. The architecture of this system is based on the multi-layer architecture of mobile cloud computing; despite the existing challenges, it extends the battery life of the mobile device and in addition to allowing more use of the training system, the working memory and processing capacity of the training system. Elevates. Using this proposed system enables intelligent training at any time and place and reduces training costs, increasing compatibility, efficiency, information reliability and hardware independence.
My Name is Ali Ghavami. I'm PhD Techno-Entrepreneurship and MSc statistics. My career is University Lecturer, Business Consultant and Market Analyst. In this page, I'm going to share with you, my useful application contents which are the result of my many years experiences and knowledge in launching startups and consulting to over 30.000 entrepreneurs and companies in Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Canada, UK, Australia and also membership in "American Marketing Association", "Iranian eCommerce Association", "Iran Specialists Association", and "Iranian Statistical Society".

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