• Author (s): Ali Davari, Reza Manouchehri Rad, Sohrab Rahmani, Ali Ghavami
  • Date of Publication: Oct. 2017
  • Place of Presentation: The Journal of Research and Planning in Higher Education
  • Language: Persian
  • Keywords: Entrepreneurship Policy Making in Different countries with Different Degrees of Development Show a Range of Diverse Policies such as Financial Support, Innovation, Technical and ConsultingSME development, Legislation, Administration, Employment and Train
  • Abstract: Entrepreneurship policy in different countries of the world with varying degrees of development of a wide range of different policies such as financial support, innovation, technical and consulting, development of small and medium enterprises, improvement of laws, administrative affairs, Includes employment and training conditions. The purpose of this study was to find innovative areas and successful and operational experiences for decentralizing Iranian entrepreneurship education with decent human capital. This study was a qualitative-quantitative mixed method and its qualitative method was performed by analytical comparison with a comparative study approach in 7 selected countries of the world and its quantitative part was modeling structural equations with partial least squares approach. Research findings showed that entrepreneurship education can be divided into four categories: capacity building and enrichment of entrepreneurship education environment with 2% power, entrepreneurship education (potential entrepreneur training) 2%, entrepreneurship education (4%). Actual Entrepreneurship Education (% 2) and Entrepreneurship Education (Entrepreneurship Researchers & Advisors) 2%. Developing and developing countries differ significantly in the third and fourth strategies. Based on the findings of the study, it is recommended to re-create entrepreneurship education courses in schools with emphasis on the final years of high school, teaching new skills to entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized business employees, empowering the unemployed and the rural, teaching Entrepreneurship Unit all over. Academic disciplines should be put on the agenda of entrepreneurship education through the use of modern educational technologies and the involvement of all stakeholders, especially the private sector and NGOs.
My Name is Ali Ghavami. I'm PhD Techno-Entrepreneurship and MSc statistics. My career is University Lecturer, Business Consultant and Market Analyst. In this page, I'm going to share with you, my useful application contents which are the result of my many years experiences and knowledge in launching startups and consulting to over 30.000 entrepreneurs and companies in Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Canada, UK, Australia and also membership in "American Marketing Association", "Iranian eCommerce Association", "Iran Specialists Association", and "Iranian Statistical Society".

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